How to become a UN peacekeeper | Join UN peacekeepers mission

The international day of UN peacekeepers is coming up on 29 May. Indeed, becoming a UN peacekeeper is a mutual investment in universal peace and security.

How to become a UN peacekeeper
How to become a UN peacekeeper

These individuals serve the host countries to negotiate the path that causes difficulties from conflict to peace. UN peacekeeping is the most visible representation and has proven to be one of the most potent tools accessible to the United Nations.

Who are peacekeepers?

UN Peacekeepers come from all walks of life, with diversified cultural backgrounds, they are the personnel of military, civilians, and police, all working together. Similarly, they are united by a commitment when they serve under the United Nations to maintain or restore the peace and security of the world.   

They share a common purpose to protect and provide support to the countries in adaptation from conflict to peace, protect civilians, reduce brutality, reinforce security, and empower national authorities to assume these responsibilities. In addition to that, UN peacekeepers are sacrificing their lives to protect and meet the fundamental needs of people.

What do UN peacekeepers do?

The roles and responsibilities of UN peacekeepers are maturing because the peacekeeping decrees have become more complex and multidimensional. From simply monitoring ceasefires to protecting civilians, they are distributed around the globe.

Also, these individuals play a major role in serving the missions to implement their directed activities. For instance, promoting the rules of law, keeping up the fair and free elections and much more.

The other duties that peacekeepers do are as follows:

  • Provide protection to civilians
  • Prevent from conflicts
  • Promote the human rights
  • Empower women
  • Provide field support
  • Build the security institutions and the rule of law

The reality of peacekeepers is that their objectives are challenging because each mission is unique in every conflict. They certainly maintain the fragile stability between their host country and its neighbor. And unfortunately, more than 3500 have lost their lives in the cause of peace and maintain stability.

How to become a UN peacekeeper?

To become a UN peacekeeper, there are multiple pathways which are as follows:

  1. Follow the guidelines for your country

Generally, you will likely need to be a part of the military of your country and an employee of the UN. You will need to apply within your own country first if you want to apply for a peacekeeper. In case if you not a part of the military, you can also apply to be UN police. Similarly, the peacekeeping forces also employ pilots, engineers, etc.

  • Understand what it involves

To be a part of UN peacekeeping, you should certainly have the proper understanding of stakes because the peacekeepers not only have tough duties, their lives are at stake. Many of them die violently while performing their duties.

  • You have to learn lots of languages

The more languages you learn, the more likely you develop an ear for language. So, this implies that you can understand the language of people where you serve your duty.

  • Don’t hesitate, if you are a woman

The role of women in UN peacekeeping missions spans the military, police and positions of civilians. So, they are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Apply for jobs in UN

Keep an eye out for vacancies on their website.

In conclusion, UN peacekeeping is a distinctive global partnership and become a UN peacekeeper is a combined effort to maintain international peace and security.

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