Top Youth Skills In Demand In Post-COVID World

top youth skills in demand
top youth skills in demand

Affected by COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and slow-downs, global unemployment figures have surpassed those from the financial crisis of 2008-9. As the world recovers, there are the top youth skills in demand which youth should possess for precipitous income generation.

Currently, accommodation, retail, administrative services, manufacturing and food services are the worst affected sectors. States in the Gulf region and Asia have certainly witnessed an increase in layoffs and a reduction in wages.

So, here we seize the opportunity on this 15th July as the UN World Youth Skills Day to highlight crucial skills for youth. These will be in high demand in the post-COVID environment across the globe.

Top youth skills in demand after coronavirus


With budget cuts in almost all industries, adjustments in marketing strategies are already underway. Brand messaging and product repositioning is mostly done virtually and require skills to reposition products in the market. Also, enterprises are in need of professionals who can deal with digital copywriting, content strategy and creative writing more than ever.

Data Understanding

Future decisions of businesses are taking place on the basis of data after the COVID pandemic. Products, services and contacts with customers are being predicted and redesigned according to data. So, young people with skills and expertise to translate data into business trends are already getting more work than ever before the pandemic.

Tech and Digital Literacy

To reduce the impacts of future outbreaks and business disruptions, a lot of companies have already also started to undergo a digital transformation. Professionals working in virtual and augmented reality, internet of things and artificial intelligence have continued to get work without interruption during Corona. Additionally being able to work on technical tools, apps and platforms effectively makes one a candidate of choice as companies plan to be resilient.


COVID pandemic certainly revolutionized online shopping, and now online transactions have become a norm. Youth with skills in accounting software and advance analytics are also critical in these changing times. These will help companies and businesses to benefit from this revolution.

In addition to these, other the top youth skills in demand are also there. They include search engine marketing, expertise in email campaigns and search engine optimization. The current and future environment demands that the skills are a mix of tried competencies and new trends in the post-COVID world.

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