Women’s Day | Top Five Influential Female Singers

Long gone are the days when women were considered a weak voice and bound to only their houses. Nowadays, women are creating history by breaking stereotypes, raising their voices and replacing old customs with new ways. Women from different fields have made history and still continue to do so.

Among women, singers have a unique way of showing their support and enthusiasm. Through their work and by using their platforms, they shed light on important matters like gender, equality, health, social issues etc.

Celebrate this International Women’s Day by discovering how these five female singers talk about important social problems and issues.

1- Taylor Swift

Fans who have watched Miss Americana know Swift’s struggles all too well. In her documentary, she speaks about her political beliefs and sheds light on misogyny and sexism she had to face. She has never been afraid to speak on matters that are important.

After receiving backlash, she became even stronger and worked harder to prove others wrong. She spoke on toxic male privilege during her opening speech of Woman Of The Decade Award.  She expressed that people don’t appreciate our music rather pay attention to our bodies, our lives and fashion. But she keeps on fighting and creating history.

“It seems like the pressure that could’ve crushed us made us into diamonds”, said Taylor in her speech.

2- Adele

Adele is one of the best singers bringing a wave of change in pop culture. With every comeback she makes, she makes the internet go crazy. She has been breaking records, topping charts and scooping up many awards.

Besides her music, her personality and character are what make her so amazing. She called herself a feminist. “I believe that everyone should be treated the same, including race and sexuality”, she told the press. She also received much criticism over her body. She herself expressed that she’s not perfect and that no one is. Portraying people as perfect and unreachable is a misconception that should be removed, and what better time than Women’s day?

3- Rita Ora

Rita Ora has struggled and produced great music over the years. She says that one of the biggest struggles women face in this industry is inequality. “I am a feminist, and I hope that through music, I can be a role model for women”, says Rita.

She says that sustaining her career and position in the music industry is one of her biggest achievements and something to be proud of. She expressed her passion for equal rights and freedom of speech and wants women to have a boss attitude.

4- Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith’s debut album was a big hit and peaked number three on the UK Albums Chart. One of her best works yet, Beautiful Little Fools is a song to empower women. She’s using her voice to not only top charts but to also break stereotypes.

In the song, she tackles against the expectations put on every female in our society. We do a lot to please others but being true to yourself is what matters. In the music video, she shows how loving yourself and self-confidence is very hard but very beautiful.

5- Lady Gaga

One of the most powerful, record-breaking artist of all times, Lady Gaga spoke about sexual assault in her acceptance speech. She opened up about the effect it had on her and how she hid it for so many years. Many people do not come forward about such things but seeing Lady Gaga speak about it was indeed a powerful and moving display.

She talked about how women in media are considered as items competing with each other for the public’s pleasure. Also, she mentioned that she wants to use her platform and voice to speak against injustice and inequality.

She inspired many with her speech and still continues to do so. After being diagnosed with PTSD, she said that “I want to see mental health become a global priority.”

A tribute on International Women’s Day

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