Top Earring Styles of 2020 | Best Earring Styles 2020

Deep into 2020, there has been a change in the fashion industry with results that give you the most exquisite stuff available. The same is also true for top earring styles. Most of the brands now design stuff that is in demand by models and teenagers. An essential part of the whole outfit is the earrings, whether they are bright stones, large hoops, or dangly chains.

top earring styles 2020
top earring styles 2020

Top earring styles 2020

Here are some of the top earring styles for you to rock with your outfits:


One of the most adored trends amongst the models and actresses is the lucite earrings. These large transparent blocks of jewelry come in various shapes, designs, and colors. Ranging from oversized hoops to small studs, they also vary from stunning colors to elegant ones such as gold and silver.


Whether it is the small ones or the large ones, hoops never really went out of fashion. As time passes, hoops just seem to be getting more in style. Although they can be of various colors, the gold and silver ones have always been the highly recommended ones.

These in style hoops are of many different shapes from circles to ovals and even diamonds. It is a casual accessory that can be worn with almost any kind of outfit. Also, these can add to the elegance and beauty of your clothes.

Hardcore material

Things from your hardware store or even your usual everyday objects have been in for the past few months. The catchy look that these ‘items turned accessories’ give is sure to lighten up the stage.  Safety pins, paper clips, padlocks, pens, keys, etc. are used a lot when it comes to the runways. They also fit into the category of e-girl and gothic vibes, which is a big thing amongst teenagers.

Drop dangle earrings

These Korean style drop chain dangles are one of the top earring styles and are beautiful as ever. They are perfect for any chic outfit or even a pretty dress. Long chains of silver and gold with a pearl, hoops, or feathers at the end look dazzling with almost anything.

Bright and Neon

A cool trend that is popular amongst celebrities is the color neon. Teens have been taking up this trend since last year, and now it is almost everywhere. Move on from silver and gold and come to this colorful rainbow world. A variety of looks, such as bright enamels, studs, hoops, and even long chains look vibrant and cheery when they are full of colors and neon hues.

With these top earring styles and designs, you are sure to be the center of attention at any party.

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