To All the Boys: Always And Forever | Film Review

The third and final chapter of the best romcom ‘To All the Boys I Loved Before’ series is finally here. Released right before Valentine’s, it is an amazing mix of warm, romantic feelings and comedy. Read this film review to find out more.

To all the boys film review
To all the boys film review

Moving Through the Story

Working their way through many ups and downs in the first two movies, the couple now faces the dreaded reality and anxiety of going to college without one another. When Lara Jean’s plans change, she is forced to figure out what she wants for herself and her relationship.

The movie has presented the actors and highlighted their characters and personalities especially well. The film goes on with the expected teenage bad communication skills and uncertainty. Although such scenes make the movie a bit boring, the warm energy between the stars keeps the sparks flying.

Peter is shown as an extremely understanding boyfriend but the idea of being so far away from Lara Jean tests his patience. When his father appears in the story, it gives Lara Jean’s character the time and space she needs to figure her feelings out. She is faced with anxiety, fear, hopes and insecurities.

What Makes it so Addictive

The directors and writers have presented the movie in such a way that it never gets boring. The romantic tension and flow of the movie remain intact without turning too dull or too silly. Despite some flat patches, we stay invested in it because of the chemistry between the two stars.

The side characters got pretty significant roles that make the movie wholesome. All the characters have grown so much since the first movie and their own stories are just so beautiful. From her dad marrying Trina to Chris and Trevor starting a relationship and even Kitty meeting a boy, everything just shows that no matter, love always wins in the end.

Excellent Cinematography

One thing to notice is the outstanding cinematography the movie has portrayed. From exploring various destinations in NYC and Seoul to the use of vibrant colors throughout the scenes makes it quite an attraction. The introduction of K-pop music and Lara’s unmatched fashion sense give the movie the aesthetic that it needs.

A Satisfying Ending

Although it still lacks the sizzle of the first movie, it is definitely an improvement over the second one. Where the second movie failed to create a convincing love triangle and seemed to be rash and hastily sketched, Always And Forever wraps up everything quite well.

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