Tips on How to Use Greenery and Fillers

Tips to use greenery and fillers

Greenery and fillers come in very handy when trying to make a beautiful floral arrangement. Not to mention, how incredible flowers look with greenery. Adding greenery and fillers elevates the look of a floral arrangement to make it look more elegant and sophisticated.

Moreover, floral arrangement is a very common hobby, but is not as easy as it looks. We have some amazing tips for using them which are great especially for beginners. Here are the best tips for using greenery in your floral arrangement as well as some answers to your commonly asked questions.

What are greenery and fillers?

Greenery and fillers are small plants that tend to be stems, rather than large flowers. They are beautiful on their own, but are traditionally used in bouquets and flower arrangements. To continue, they add another level of beauty to the arrangement by making it look full and luscious.They add a nice balance to the arrangement that wouldn’t be possible with flowers alone. 

Difference between greenery and fillers for floral arrangements

Greenery tends to be nice leafy plants that add a natural look to the arrangements like eucalyptus leaves. Fillers, on the other hand, tend to be small flowers like baby’s breath fillers. 

Each one looks beautiful in their own right, be it on Earth or in a vase. It all depends on the type of look you want for your arrangement. Greenery adds a nice natural, warm touch, while fillers add a rustic, modern touch to an already perfect arrangement.

Common types of greenery for floral arrangement

The different types of greenery to add are eucalyptus, ivy, tree fern, myrtle, honey bracelet, grevillea, lemon leaf, and more. Each one’s leaves are unique, so you can choose the types that you would like to use for your arrangement. It doesn’t matter if it has big leaves or small leaves, when paired with the right flowers, they look equally as decadent. 

Common types of fillers for floral arrangement

The different types of fillers to add are baby’s breath, stock, statice, lavender, delphinium, and more. They are so many colors to choose from, so you can choose the one that looks best with your arrangement. Whether you choose the ever popular white or the extravagant purple, your arrangement will look stunning. 

Best tips to use both in floral arrangement

Tips for using greenery:

  1. Cut your stems on an angle to help with water absorption. This way they will be longer lasting. 
  2. When using greenery, vary different textures, shades of green, leaves, and more to make for a more natural-looking arrangement. 
  3. Arrange your flowers and greenery with big leaves first. You can go in with the smaller greenery to fill in gaps and add texture. 
  4. Cut out leaves that will end up in the water or in the vase to avoid crowding.
  5. Use an odd number of flowers with them because they tend to look better than even numbers.

Tips for using fillers:

  1. Use colors that will complement the flowers that you have chosen.
  2. Arrange your flowers first and then go in to fill in gaps with fillers.
  3. Don’t forget to add fillers around your arrangement as well, not just inside because it will look more natural. 
  4. Cut your stems on an angle to help with water absorption. This way they will be longer lasting. 
  5. Use an odd number of flowers with them because they tend to look better than even numbers.

What are the best uses for floral arrangements?

There are so many ways that you can use floral arrangements. For example, they look great in the office, whether it is your work office or your home office, they bring liveliness and freshness to the kitchen, they bring class and sophistication to bedrooms, they bring coziness to the living room and family room, they look beautiful in the dining room, and of course look gorgeous when displayed with other plants. 

Also, they are great as gifts, especially when paired with the perfect item, like gift baskets. They would make anyone appreciate your incredibly thoughtful gift. Floral arrangements paired with gift baskets are a great way to show gratitude and are sure to make anyone’s day. 

What can I gift with my floral arrangement? 

Floral arrangements with greenery and fillers are great as gifts on their own, but are even better paired with other items. If you are unsure about what to pair them with, don’t worry because we have the perfect ideas just for you:

  • Cards: They are great with cards, whether they are gift cards, note cards, or even special hand-written cards. Writing a special message would make the gift all the more meaningful.
  • Gift basket: Gift baskets are perfect because there are so many varieties to choose from. They would love to get a luxurious gift basket with a beautiful gift basket.

To continue, there are so many gift baskets to choose from. You can choose based on the person you are gifting’s likes. You can opt for a chocolates gift basket, a fruit arrangement, gourmet gift basket, snacks gift baskets, and more. 

  • Floral Arrangement Kit: You can send them one of these so that they can make a floral arrangement themselves too. If you enjoy this activity, why not share your happiness with others. Additionally, sending them a kit will be easier for them as a beginner. To add, you can also give your inside tips and tricks that you learned from here!
  • Customized item: Why not give a nice customized item to go along with their one-of-a-kind, original floral arrangement made by you. There is no way that they’ll find another arrangement that is more special anywhere else. So, give them a nice keychain, engraved sign, journal, and more. Anything to show them how much they mean to you!
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