The Sky is Pink Movie Review

The Sky is Pink Review
The Sky is Pink Review

The Sky is Pink movie review would get 3.5 stars; it lost stars as the same concept has been re-told so many times, but got the stars for its realistic execution. It is a 2019 Bollywood movie in the categories of romance and drama. Shonali Bose is the director and Priyanka Chopra is one of the three producers.

Lead Cast and their Roles

Lead cast of The Sky is Pink
Lead cast of The Sky is Pink

Priyanka Chopra is playing the role of the main female lead known as Aditi Chaudhary. Her husband’s role is performed by Farhan Akhtar who bears the name Niren Chaudhary in the movie. Zaira Waseem (known as Aisha Chaudhary in the movie) is their daughter. Another lead role is that of Ishaan Chaudhary (Aisha’s elder brother), and it is played by Rohit Suresh.

My opinion of the movie

Priyanka, Farhan and Zaira have given powerful performances, and that is what made me tempted to write The Sky is Pink movie review. It is not a box office crasher, but its definitely a movie that will stay with you for a long period of time. 

It could have been closer to reality if Aisha’s struggle with her illness was more detailed and focused. However, Farhan and Priyanka aced their game by portraying frustration and determination simultaneously to make every day beautiful and worth living for their daughter.

Various characters in the movie
Various characters in the movie

Bollywood is suffering (since decades) from movie trends full of dance numbers and action-packed movies. So, it’s good to watch a different storyline in which mainstream actors like Priyanka and Farhan opted to play in the midst of commercial movies.

Review of the plot

Many films in Hollywood and Bollywood have captured the essence of the struggles of families facing and fighting the terminal disease of any family member. The Sky is Pink is not fresh in its narrative, but offers stellar acting and direction.

In the movie, Aisha (Zaira Waseem) narrates her parents’ struggle with her disease called SCID (Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency), which is a rare genetic disorder. It is based on true story which makes it compelling to watch. It is very relatable for all parents who have survived any child’s illness of any sort, at any point in time.

Aisha near her death
Aisha near her death

The emotional bond of a family has been portrayed beautifully in the film. The two veteran actors – Priyanka and Farhan – have done a tremendous job in showcasing the pain, helplessness and courage to make beautiful moments for their daughter. The film is not a fresh concept or story, but the performances, cinematography and direction make it worth a good rating on The Sky is Pink movie review.

Review of the characters and their acting

Aditi Chaudary played by Priyanka Chopra is headstrong, funny and a supportive mother. The struggles of a mother while seeing her child suffer from a critical disease is a very challenging role. Priyanka played the role of mother in a heartbreakingly beautiful way, who already lost her first child Tanya to same genetic disorder. So, she is determined to make sure that Aisha lives long and has the best memories. Priyanka steals the show with her spontaneity and natural expressions portraying millions of feelings of a mother.

Disclaimer of the movie The Sky is Pink
Disclaimer of the movie The Sky is Pink

Niren Chaudary played by Farhan Akhtar is well known for his subtle acting in many previous movies. Farhan played a very deep, meaningful and silent character of a father and husband who has to feed his family. He shows the sacrifices of a dad for the sake of his daughter. 

Aisha Chaudary is played by Zaira Waseem. She has done a great job of depicting the struggles of a terminally ill patient. Zaira portrays the frustration of a teenage girl who has to face all the hassle of going for regular checkups. Alongside this, she also has to face her parents’ overprotectiveness. In addition to this, she deals with her internal aspirations of living a normal life. Aisha is a teenager who paints and writes all her thoughts in a diary that is later published as a book.

The climax of the movie

The Sky Is Pink is primarily a flashback story that Aisha (the girl with SCID) is telling after she died. Aisha tells briefly about her parents’ love affair, their marriage and then their struggle with her illness.

Ending of the movie
Ending of the movie

The film ends with a scene where Aditi and Niren reunite in London, after Aisha’s death. In the scene, Niren shows Aditi his apartment, where he has fixated their children’s pictures on a wall. It’s a very sweet and reassuring scene that has warmth and love of two individuals who have a been through difficult times. They have found ways to love each other, even when they are not so young and energetic.

What is great about The Sky is Pink?

The background score of the movie is refreshing and light. Priyanka’s performance as the mother of teenagers and how glamorously she handles the motherhood is worth applauding.

Real Aisha's family
Real Aisha’s family

What could have been better in The Sky is Pink?

The run time of the movie could have been shorter, as it is 2 hour 13 mins long movie. Moreover, Aisha’s struggles as a SCID patient could have been highlighted more. The part where Aisha while fighting with the disease becomes an inspirational speaker could have been more to show how courageously she has lived her days and became an inspiration.


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