Spirit Untamed review

There is no way I couldn’t write Spirit Untamed review after watching this fabulous movie. As much as I loved watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002), DreamWorks incredibly streamed up with a little more investment in the graphics and visuals for the new follow-up “Spirit Untamed”.

Especially when it makes an adult like me to sit for straight 1h and 30 min, reiterating my never-ending love for animation, the young audience would surely enjoy watching this movie.

The plot

Spirit Untamed offers an adventurous story of a young, strong-willed girl named Lucky Prescott (Fortuna Esperanza), who had been living with her aunt and grandfather in the city, travels west to spend the summer in a small town, Miradero, with her estranged father, Jim, who hadn’t seen her since her mother died while doing a repeated horse-riding stunt but it scared him enough to send her daughter away.

She develops a strong bond with a wild stallion who had been brought there by some wranglers, but they found him hard to be tamed. Lucky, with the help of her two other friends, Abigail and Pru, learn the heart-heart language of the horse, and they call him Spirit.

Later she discovers that some nasty thieves disguised as noble wranglers try to abduct Spirit with its herd of horses to sell them illegally. Over the course of action, she makes some heedless choices to rescue the horses, like moving out of the house without her father’s permission in the middle of the night. But eventually, both father and daughter realize that they need to understand each other without pre-assuming that the other person is wrong.

Critical remarks – Spirit Untamed review

On the whole, the movie has been great with its eye-catching visuals and graphics. The voiceover cast, including Isabela Moner (Lucky Prescott), Marsai Martin (Pru Granger), McKenna Grace (Abigail Stone), and Jake Gyllenhaal (Jim Prescott) have done a great job.

Moreover, it has emphasized the values of friendship, courage, persistence, teamwork, kindness and the importance of family ties. The language is plain and kid-friendly. It’s a good pack of fun, emotions and life lessons learned through the risky ventures of a young kid. The audience is most likely to enjoy the scenes of carefree rides from the tracks of trains to the mountain hills.

Still, the role of a father in the story could’ve been depicted in a better way and not just the typical one we often see in the stories where one parent distances him/herself for the apparently good sake of the kid.

Spoiler alert!

The viewers are also recommended not to expect much of something implausibly new from the plotline, but Disney truly made it intriguing to watch it till the end. If you’re a horse lover like many of us, you won’t regret watching Spirit Untamed.

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