Positive Side of Corona: What is good about Coronavirus?

COVID-19 pandemic is not all about lockdowns, financial meltdown and depression; in fact, a positive side of Corona also exists. Some side-effects of the pandemic are surprisingly positive as well.

The Positive Side of Coronavirus

Here is a list of the positive side of Corona Virus:


We all have seen community support groups and volunteers bringing communities closer. Governments across the world asked people to come forward to help cope with the negative effects of lockdowns.

Helpers have come forward to do community work, do shopping for the elderly, and connect with each other in their neighborhoods. Particularly youth have joined numerous organizations and buddy systems to help governments enforce lockdowns and distribute essential items to the needy.

Recognition of work:

A number of service sectors were ever given their fair share of praise as essential workers. Especially those working in the healthcare system have received love, care and support as the frontline warriors of Coronavirus. Those working in supermarkets, delivery chain services and food shops have received ‘thank you’ from across the world.

Personal Hygiene:

Not new things for many, but more people are now more aware of the benefits of hands washing after the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, COVID-19 has taught us that it is everyone’s duty to remain vigilant about sanitation and disinfection.

Nature Conservation:

COVID-19 has done what environmentalists have been demanding for years – reduce carbon footprint. Less use of fossil fuels has resulted in better air quality and pollution. Though a lot of jobs are lost in the industrial sector due to economic shock, however at the same time, there are proofs of reduction in air pollution and less use of energy produced from fossil fuels.

Socializing as a positive side of Corona:

For many, quarantine time was the first time that they looked deeply into their relations. Being virtually associated or locked at home, the connections made with family, friends and relatives are going to last a lifetime.

Free Tutorials:

The Internet is amassed with so much free stuff which was costing us earlier. Musicians, teachers, fitness experts like yoga instructors and even museums; sessions and classes are being offered to keep us engaged and interested during the pandemic.

Slowdown & Sleep:

The world was stuck in the 9-5 routine as if there was no end to it. Our lives have never experienced so much sleep and tranquility before the pandemic. Coronavirus has given us the time to think about ourselves as individual human bodies and finish those overdue ‘smaller tasks’ at our place. It’s certainly not just us; the entire community is at a standstill and not progressing completing their everyday schedules.

The most important positive side of Coronavirus is that it has again widened our vision to keep hope and optimism included in it. Amid all the economic, social and physical losses that we have experienced during this pandemic – every single one of us is hoping for an early return of better days.

Kids Opinion

We asked some kids to share what they think are the positive effects of Covid-19, and here is what they had to say:

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