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Did you know that only 1.5% of population writes online reviews? Why not stand out of the crowd and become a tiny minority that will go out of their way to help others?

We are blessed to have an ever-growing team of reviewers who are striving to bring true, personal and unbiased reviews to the global community. Take a sneak peek into our talented reviewers below:

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avatar for Amerah MunirAmerah Munir

Carefree. Sarcastic since birth. Scorpio for life. Married to a wonderful human being. Self-taught MUA.πŸ’…πŸ’„ Unicorn obsession runs strong!!πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

Aniqa MasoodAniqa Masood

Healer, kindness is my forte, deep observer, mother of an amazing boy, hopeless romantic, spreading happiness and creating ease for people around me is my only desire!

avatar for Anum UsmanAnum Usman

Anum Usman is a physiotherapy doctor. She has two lovely daughters who love to keep their mom busy. She has a passion to help others, whether through her physiotherapy or through her entrepreneurial skills.

avatar for Ashley HepburnAshley Hepburn

Ashley Hepburn is a travel enthusiast from New Zealand. She is a personal trainer and a dog lover. She is friendly yet down-to-earth.

Ayaan AsadAyaan Asad

Ayaan Asad is an enthusiastic, friendly and curious young boy living in New Zealand. He is interested in cycling, snorkeling, skateboarding, gaming and experimentation.

Brice StathamBrice Statham

Brice is a writer, blogger, and a digital marketer. He has a knack for technology, and has been testing and reviewing tech-gadgets for over 10 years. His meticulous observation and attention to detail is what makes his reviews accurate and reliable. Having worked in this field for long enough, he is one of the most senior tech-reviewers online.

Emily NeilsonEmily Neilson

Emily is crazy about books, movies, kids, and travelling. She pursues ambitions and dreams. She is always racing against time to achieve more within limited time!

avatar for Emma GreenEmma Green

Emma Green is a nurse, blessed with an exceptionally caring heart. She lives in California, and aspires to help as many patients as she can.

avatar for Fatima HumayyunFatima Humayyun

A bookworm who is always looking for more books; otherwise reading the same books again and again and again...🀭
Occasionally passionate about cooking and baking to curb her cravings and hunger pangs πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ and once full loves to day dream!
An enthusiast with a strong desire to explore and excel further; always aspiring to achieve more!

Hafsa SiddiquiHafsa Siddiqui

Hafsa Siddiqui is a lecturer and writer by profession and a reader by passion. With 8+ years of experience in freelance writing, Hafsa's favorite niches to write on include Education, Business and Commerce, Health and Beauty and Lifestyle.

Irsa IftikharIrsa Iftikhar

Irsa Iftikhar is a freelance SEO content writer offering blogging and content writing services which gains
social media attention increasing search engine visibility. She has strong experience in writing diversified
content on different businesses. Contact her at [email protected].

Josie MandernachJosie Mandernach

Josie is an accountant by profession from Chicago, US. She has traveled the world in 2017. She founded Dreamlode which is a virtual interactive event business. She is passionate, kind, and nice. She is always willing to help others in whatever way she can.

avatar for Klaus Horst JrKlaus Horst Jr

Klaus Horst Jr. is an entrepreneur from Dortmund, Germany. He is passionate about guinea pigs, travelling, books, and space science. His entrepreneurial experience is driven by a desire to help others and to play a positive role in lives of others.

Mahroosa RazaMahroosa Raza

Mahroosa is a workaholic who loves life and loves to live it to the fullest. Takes interest in everything around hence making her a good observer. Reading and writing among her other (so many) favorites would always top.

Maryaum AnwarMaryaum Anwar

Maryaum is a writer, reader and dreamer who cares about everyone even in her dreams. She is a loving person in every role of her life - daughter, sister, friend! She loves herself despite being a mess in an ordered chaos.

Momina FahadMomina Fahad

Momina Fahad πŸ˜€ Currently Living in Malaysia with her husband and 2 girls πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§. A stay-at-home mother who is really passionate about dessert making and baking, but so lazy to work on it.
She likes to read, and experiment DIY kinda crafty stuff which mostly turns out into a disaster🀣
Last but not the least a CRAZY emoji user πŸ‘»

Munazza NadeemMunazza Nadeem

Munazza is a student, freelancer, creative writer and a passionate reader from Pakistan. She is striving hard to explore and learn more as these are her motives in life.

avatar for Qurat-ul-Ain ShahzadQurat-ul-Ain Shahzad

Qurat-ul-Ain is a professional writer and manager with a decade of experience. She steers the operations of SKXofts with her leadership and managerial skills. She is a creative strategist, writer, and consultant who specializes in cultivating human potential for happiness and excellence. Additionally, she is an aspiring-traveler, dreamer, and achiever.

Rabia AmberRabia Amber

Rabia Amber is an ambitious young woman with a very good heart. She is still discovering her path in life, but has wonderful dreams how to make this world a better place. She is interested in books, poetry, astrology, politics, and people.

Saifullah KhanSaifullah Khan

Saifullah Khan is an enthusiastic young boy from Pakistan. His hobbies are online gaming and travelling. He is fond of tech gadgets and making new friends.

Samantha HawkinsSamantha Hawkins

Samantha Hawkins' life is defined by two things: kids and piano. She is equally passionate about both. She is living in Turin (Italy) since 8 years, and loving it to the core. She volunteer with organizations who work with cancer patients.

Shahzad KhanShahzad Khan

Shahzad Khan is an expert IT professional, software engineer, academician, philanthropist, and a successful business entrepreneur. He is passionate about Information Systems, programming, Enterprise Systems, and Business Process Re/Engineering. He is principled in critical thinking, design thinking, business analytics and data science.

Stephanie WallisStephanie Wallis

Stephanie Wallis is a college student from Arizona, US. She is passionate, kind-hearted and loving. She loves to try new things, do baking experiments and volunteer.

avatar for Timothy BakerTimothy Baker

Timothy Baker is a Maths teacher. He loves spending time with his two boys, aged 7 and 9. He is invested in making Maths easier for all his students and making life easier for his sons.

Zeenia HaqZeenia Haq

Zeenia Haq is passionate about work, in love with my family, and the founder of zhcoutureofficial and Givingschool.