“Like The Flowing River” by Paulo Coelho

Review of 'Like a flowing river' book by Paulo Coelho

This Like the Flowing River review has received a 5 star rating.

Like The Flowing River is just a repository of various reflections by the author, Paula Coelho. When you are reading a novel from the author, you are so engraved in the plot and the characters, that precious thoughts get lost along the way. We do not stop to think about the words of wisdom that are pouring forth from the pen of the author. 

This non-fiction book combines disparate thoughts of Paulo Coelho. With short chapters, there is a different message and different thought conveyed to the reader. This book brings together incidents, quotations, conversations, visions, experiences, stories, and memories. Each chapter of the book leaves a deep and profound mark on the reader. 

There is no single topic that the book revolves around; at some places you will find a grandma teaching a lesson of wisdom to his grandson while in another one you can see Genghiz Khan and his falcon.

Characters in Like The Flowing River

There are no characters in this book, yet the reader can imagine themselves replacing the disjoint narrator of each chapter. If you have read Paulo Coelho, you would notice that the incidents and thoughts mentioned in this book have been adopted in various versions by the author in his other books. 

The only recurring character of the book is Paulo Coelho himself. In some chapters, you will see him climbing the mountains, while in others you can visualize him on long walks in his country home. 

Favorite Quote from the book

My favorite quote from the book:

So you , too , must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make you a better person

Like the flowing river, by Paulo Coelho

Even if you don’t believe in taking a word of advice from book reviews, still I would say, Like The Flowing River is for everyone! 

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