Godzilla vs Kong: 4 Reasons Godzilla Could Win

If you need a solid reason to rush back to cinemas, then this film is for you. Godzilla vs Kong: the fight between Godzilla and Kong is finally being played in cinemas and it has the whole world’s attention. While it’s common knowledge that the two monsters fight against each other but spoiling it would be no fun. The question of who will win has the audience going crazy.

Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla vs Kong

There are many reasons why both of them could win but we think that Godzilla would have victory over Kong. Here are 4 reasons why Godzilla could win the battle.

1. Experience

The most noticeable thing that Godzilla has is his long term experience. He has come face to face with some of the strongest kaiju opponents to ever exist.

Although it can’t be denied that King Kong has fought against some great rivals too. But Godzilla’s challenge with King Ghidorah just explains how great he is. It just shows how his expertise is on another level and he is always prepared for just about anything.

2. Origins

In all the Godzilla movies it is shown that he is a giant reptile who fed on radiation on the Earth’s surface. That just shows how insane and crazy his history is.

He also gained radioactive powers from an atomic bomb such as nuclear pulse and atomic breath. His history shows that he is the strongest of all kaiju life and that all of them consider him king.

3. Physical Strength

Godzilla has an abundant amount of strength and power that could give him an upper hand in a battle against King Kong. He is a literal powerhouse and can lift thousands of tons at a time.

There are countless times where he has thrown his rivals over a huge area. His bite and the powerful whip of his tail are also pretty remarkable in Godzilla vs Kong fights.

4.  Power and Ability

Besides physiological energy, his nuclear powers are extraordinary as well. His famous atomic breath and nuclear pulse could obviously take Kong down. Magnetic powers, heat rays and even unlocking new abilities are some factors that could help him win the battle.

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