Everything Everything Review | Young Adult Fiction Novel by Nicola Yoon

Everything Everything is a hit young adult fiction novel by Nicola Yoon. This New York Times bestseller was also adapted into a movie in 2017.

It isn’t just another one of those sick young adult novels but a captivating and beautifully written love story from the protagonist’s point of view. Indeed, it is a fiction book that shows you what life truly is and makes you think about the struggle and the beauty of life.

The plot of Everything Everything

The story is about an girl Madeline Whittier, who is just 18 but suffers from SCID (which is a rare disease). To make it simple, she is allergic to the outside world. She has lived her entire life with her mother and her nurse, Carla.

Although it might seem pretty depressing and lonely, but Maddy is quite satisfied with her life. Until a boy dressed in all black and captivating eyes moves next door. So, their complicated yet charming romance begins on internet and strengthens throughout the story. With not being able to touch the boy she seems to be falling in love with and keeping her love life a secret from her mother, Maddy realizes that there’s more to life than just being alive. After finally breaking out her shell, she is ready to risk it all for Olly and for herself.


Personally, Olly’s character was my favorite one in Everything Everything. I loved how Nicola has portrayed him as young, wild and free, but at the same time, he is a very careful and caring boy. Madeline seems like a helpless, too young for her age kid, but she proves herself by making her own life decisions.

Maddy’s mom is the type who is overprotective for her child and doesn’t know when to stop. Carla is one of the best characters in the story. She is a nice and supportive person and helps Maddy until the end. Olly’s Dad, who is violent and an alcoholic, and his mother, who seems weak and powerless play minor roles in the story.

Critical Analysis of Everything Everything

No doubt this book was amazing, and I loved how it was such a hopeful romantic story, but personally, I would say that it was a little rough on Maddy’s mother’s part (spoilers alert!). The whole story was based on the fact that she was allergic to the outside world, but later on, it was revealed that it was just a part of her mother’s plan to keep her close by. Maddy reveals that her dad along with her brother died in a car accident, and ever since, her mother became way too overprotective to the point that she did not let her own daughter live.

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful book, and I would highly recommend it. It makes us realize that life is a precious gift, and we should be able to take risks for ourselves and for the people around us. Maddy felt herself changing after Olly showed up, and she soon wanted to let go of everything everything for love.

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