Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug Review

Temperature Control Mug Review is going to be immensely popular among coffee and technology lovers. Be it the ritual of getting a cup of hot tea in the bed or attending meetings around the office with a cup of coffee, Ember 14oz is nothing less of a blessing for everyone. The caffeinated beverage in Ember remains hot, tasty, and retains its taste even after 1.5 hours of making.

Life made easy with Temperature Control Mug

Without worrying about standing at the stove to steep tea to an ideal temperature, or making trips to the microwave for making coffee, the new model of Ember comes with all the features imagined in a cup. Ember 14 oz replaces its older version from 2019, with hi-tech solutions embedded in it.

Once made in temperature control mug, coffee can be controlled from the ease of your bed or desk through its built-in app which can be controlled by its companion app on almost all iPhone models, series 2-5 of Apple Watch, or a smartphone with android (iOS 10 or later).

How does it work?

Prepare your hot beverage in a pre-charged cup, adjust the temperature of your choice and keep drinking it while Ember keeps working by maintaining the temperature. Ember 14 oz comes with its own charging coaster and a power adapter, so it can be used if the battery life of 1.5 hours isn’t enough.

Once settings are adjusted using Ember App, it keeps a record of preset temperature to save time the next time you use it. In addition, with an IPX7 rating for underwater submersion (up to 1 meter deep) and ceramic coating, it is very easily hand washed without worrying about scratching and used repeatedly.

Finest features of Temperature Control Mug Review

As a true temperature control smart mug, a LED indicator is integrated within Ember 14oz, which informs you when your perfect temperature is reached, it is too hot to consume the drink or the cup requires a charging. What’s more, that color of LED light can be changed as you please.

As per need, you can choose between Fahrenheit, Celsius temperature scales ranging from 50° to 62.5°C or 120° to 145° F. With the app, you can also keep track of how much caffeine is there in the cup. Read through the handy quick start guide to get the most from your Ember mug. So, all these features with its sleek and improved design make it the first and the finest temperature control smart mug.


As with any electronic or metal device, certainly don’t use Ember mug in microwaves for heating or placed in a dishwasher to be cleaned. It is always best to handwash the mug should using warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. After washing, dry your mug off completely before placing it on the charger coaster.

There are endless other nice features for the Temperature Control Mug Review that we can write. However, we are keeping it simple so that you can finish reading and get your cool tech gadget today.

Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug Review Video


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