Dry and Dull Hair Meaning | Are they the same?

dull and dry hair

We often hear dull and dry hair terminology together. Is it the same thing, or is there any difference between dull and dry hair? In this blog, we’ll deeply explain how these two similar-looking terms are different from each other and find out the best possible solution to deal with it. 

What is Dull Hair?

Dull hair lacks shine, moisture, and body. There are many reasons behind dull and lifeless hair, like using high chemical products, frequently dyeing, heat styling, using hard water in the shower, and many others. 

dull hair
Understand dry vs dull hair

Luckily, there are several ways to reverse your dull-looking hair. By using some techniques, home remedies, and permanent solutions, it’s possible to turn your dull hair into healthier and shinier hair. 

Causes Behind Dull Hair

You can easily identify dull hair as they have specific characteristics. It has a rough, coarse feeling, less moisture, lacks lustre, and looks heavy or frizzy. 

Here are some common reasons that cause dull hair; 

  • Improper hair care routine
  • Insufficient nutrients in the diet
  • Frequent hair dyeing and heat styling
  • Hard Water damage
  • High chemical products
  • Environmental change such as cold and dry air
  • Excessive alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Stress and depression 

What is Dry Hair?

Human hair consists of three layers. Natural oils in the outer layer protect the inner layers and keep your hair healthy and shiny. Lustre and shine are two significant signs of healthy hair.

dry hair
Dry hair

Your hair becomes dry when it doesn’t get or retain adequate moisture. Dry hair can affect people of any age, but it usually appears as you get older.

When your hair, for some reason, doesn’t produce natural oils or you have a dry scalp naturally, you’ll experience dry, fizzy, bad-looking hair. Oiling is an external help in this condition of your hair. It is necessary to massage your hair with essential oils to provide enough moisture to your scalp and your hair strands’ outer layer. 

Causes of Dry Hair

A variety of factors are involved in the dryness and moisture lacking hair, such as;

  • Living in a hot and dry climate
  • Outdoor work in dry winds or sun
  • Swimming in salty or chlorinated water
  • Hard Water Damage
  • Washing hair too often
  • Using low-quality hair products
  • Daily blow-drying 
  • Heat styling products 
Effects of hard water on your hair
Effects of hard water on your hair

In many cases, dry hair is the result of a hidden health issue affecting your hair’s ability to maintain moisture. And the external factors make it worse, such as impure, hard, and contaminated water. Mineral contents, chemicals, heavy metals, salts, and bacteria from shower water stay on your scalp and damage your hair follicles, making your hair dry and lifeless. 

One-Stop Solution

If you want to flaunt your hair with pride and want the lustre and shine back, It is necessary to focus on your hair damage’s root cause. People in the US commonly face hair problems due to hard water, and the best possible solution to deal with it is Beads Shower Head. The mineral beads showerhead is specifically designed to deal with hair problems by filtering the hard minerals and heavy metals and correcting the PH level. 

We can say that both these terms are different as dry hair has a connection with hair strands and outer layers while dull hair has a relation with hair follicles, but both of them count in hair damage and need a proper cure. 

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