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The infamous Walt Disney World Resort is in Orlando, Florida (USA). I would be upset if Disney World review gets anything less than 5 stars because it is a versatile place for people of all ages. It provides a unique and wonderful experience, that you are going to cherish for a lifetime.

Disney World Review
Disneyland Review

Why Disney World?

After visiting Disney World, I realized that it truly is the “Happiest Place On Earth” as it has endless fun for all ages to enjoy. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend visiting this Florida staple, because it guarantees that no one will leave the premises upset.

What can you find there?

While any Disney World review will tell you that they have fantastic rides and Disney characters, there is a lot more inside. It has delicious food, rides, attractions, shops, and so much more! You might be hesitant to visit thinking that it only has princesses and cartoon characters, but it was like I had more fun than a kid would have.

Disney World USA
Disneyland USA

There are various parks, which means that one can visit places that they are interested in. All of the parks are beyond amazing, and the different themes provide a unique experience with loads of fun.

Disney World Parks

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a world of safaris and animals and is dedicated to honoring the creatures in Disney’s beloved movies. Epcot is the most unique, in my opinion, as it has shops, cafes, and attractions from over 10 countries, also it provides a unique and authentic experience from each one.

Hollywood Studios is a minor theme park and often overlooked. I would recommend Disney World review readers to go there if they are a Star Wars fanatic; if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars movies, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Tourist Destination
Tourist Attraction

Lastly, the Magic Kingdom is nothing short of magical; it is the largest park in Disney World and has the most variety of Disney characters and attractions. It is great for all ages, as there is something for everyone to enjoy, not only just little kids.

Other Attractions at Disney World

Most importantly, THE FOOD! The food is scrumptious and ranges from fine dining to snack carts. You can pick up a quick mickey pretzel or if you’re feeling a little more classy, you can stop by for a burger.

For dinner, there are many dining places that provide a surreal dinner experience with photo ops and shows. But, if you choose to go this route, I recommend that you reserve a table early because I had to wait for half an hour for a table, despite having a reservation. If you’re not feeling like eating a whole meal, then you can try one of Disney’s heavenly desserts like candy apples and baked goods.

Travel review
Travel review

Tips for Visitors

Overall, I highly recommend you pay a visit to Disney World in your lifetime, no matter what age you are, but I have a few suggestions for the readers of Disney World review.

  • Firstly, go during an off-season when the queues won’t be too long, the weather won’t be overbearing, and the prices will be affordable to you.
  • The most important suggestion is to do your homework in advance and book Fast Passes that allow you to skip some lines and reserve tables in restaurants.
  • Lastly, make sure that you save up before going, as the expenses (on top of the hefty admission price) may go much higher than expected. You will be tempted to buy food and souvenirs, and you shouldn’t let it stop you, as long as you are financially stable enough to do so.

Have fun!

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