Conjuring 3 Review | The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Review

Conjuring 3 seems like a pretty dangerous risk to the superhit horror series. From the set-up to the plot, there has been a lot of talk about what went wrong. Although some say that it is better than the previous two films, if it is compared to other horror movies, it isn’t just good enough.

Conjuring 3 review
Conjuring 3 review

The Plot of Conjuring 3

Although Conjuring 3 is truly the most terrifying one in the series, it hasn’t been well constructed. The plot is split in too many directions. From the possession to teaming up with police and then the murder case, the movie goes on in a disorganized manner and loses its touch.

The supernatural scenes in The Devil Made Me Do It gives it a new twist, but it hasn’t been effectively blended with the horror story. The Warrens go on with their mission at first. But soon, the basic idea gets pushed to the side for a long time. It gets dull and boring and the audience loses interest in what was happening in the first place.

The Script

Wilson and Fargima have been long loved for their excellent acting in The Conjuring. However, our affection for them goes only so far in the Conjuring 3. Wilson and Fargima’s script lacks connection and sincerity for each other.

In spite of their outstanding performance and best efforts, the script is just straight-up plain and boring. It doesn’t give their relationship the commitment it requires.


The Devil Made Me Do It strays from its predecessors’ paths in that it doesn’t take place in a haunted house. Although change is good however in this case, the movie failed to live up to its standards. The director chose to make this one a creepy mystery instead of a frightening thriller. The set-up portrays it as a supernatural crime or detective movie.

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