Cape Reinga Review – The Northern End of The World

Cape Reinga review deserves 4 stars. It is the northern tip of New Zealand, and end of the worldwith majestic views and a perfect place for taking pictures.
Cape Reinga - Beauty Beyond Words
Cape Reinga – Beauty Beyond Words
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I would give Cape Reinga review 4 stars because the place was majestic and extremely beautiful, but there wasn’t much to do except taking pictures. 

Ever wanted to go to the end of the world, but realized that the world is round? Well, if you want to boost amongst others that you have been to the end of the world to the farthest accessible spot, you should visit Cape Reinga.

Cape Reinga Review
Cape Reinga Review

Why you should visit Cape Reinga?

If you pay heed to Cape Reinga reviews, you will know that everyone who visits this place has lovely memories. The view of the water is incredible. The limitless water everywhere you look will make you realize your infinitely small place in this world. 

Whether you take the highway or the Ninety Mile Beach route, both routes have spectacular scenes along the way. Since there is no place to live near Cape Reinga, you will have to find a residence somewhere near Bay of Islands, and make a day trip to this tourist destination.

Cape Reinga - The Northern Tip of New Zealand
Cape Reinga – The Northern Tip of New Zealand

What you can see here?

You can see waters from the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea joining forces in front of you. The water spread far out till horizon has incredible color tones. In local Maori culture, it is known as a place where the spirits leap into the water. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about it, as signboards along the walking track will guide you about the history of the place.

Since there are no humans along the shore to bother them, you can clearly see schools of huge fish very close to the lookout spot. The scenery is exotic in all directions, but what you can see depends a lot on the weather – which, by all means, is very unpredictable in New Zealand, even at this farthest corner. One minute you may be running in heavy downpour to your car to fetch an umbrella, the next minute you will see bright sunlight (and a wonderful rainbow).

Rainbow at Cape Reinga New Zealand
Rainbow at Cape Reinga New Zealand

Downsides of visiting Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga review lost one star because one has to travel a long distance on a winding road and travel for hours to reach the end of the world only to see that the options are limited. Unlike most beaches and other water reservoirs, here the visitors are not allowed to go near water.

There is a lighthouse (from 1941), but it locked too. All you can do is look out at the infinite water in front of you, and take infinite pictures – once you are tired of both, then you can get in the car and head right back. Don’t worry, you will find plenty of clean toilets there! There is nothing else that you can do here.

The nutshell of Cape Reinga review

If you visit North Island of New Zealand, then you shouldn’t miss out a chance to visit Cape Reinga. Hop onto a tour bus from Bay of Islands for a trip that you will surely remember for a lifetime.

Video Review

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