Apple iPad Air 3rd Generation – One of the Best Note-taking Tablets in 2020

It is impossible not to mention Apple when discussing the best note-taking tablets in the market. Ever since its establishment in 1976, Apple has launched a series of products that have acted as game-changers in the tech-market at the time of their release.

If we talk particularly about tablets, Apple has brought forward quite a few products that are highly competitive and offer added specifications. One such tablet that has recently risen to popularity is the Apple iPad Air 3rd generation.

Use Apple iPad Air 3rd Generation as the Best Note Taking Tablet 

Apple iPad Air 3rd generation is a high-rated tablet that dominates the gadgets of all the other renowned brands. It comes with a bundle of features that make note-taking, smooth and seamless. Its high-speed performance, remarkable screen technology, and excellent viewing experience make it stand out, amongst its counterparts from other brands in the market. This is why IT professionals list it as one of the best note-taking tablets in 2020.


Apple iPad Air 3rd generation has a 10.5-inch screen with Retina display. Its True Tone color technology, wider color gamut, and anti-reflective coating offer a major upgrade from the iPad. When it comes to the display quality, no other gadget in the market is found parallel to Apple iPad Air.

It has an A12 Bionic chip with 64 GB of storage. If you need more space in your system, storage size can be expanded up to 256GB.

Apple iPad Air i3rd generation has a substantial battery life that lasts for a good 10 hours on a single full charge. This feature makes it thebest choice for a note-taking tablet, as it enables you to use the tablet throughout your day at college, without running out of battery.

It has a smart structure and weighs around 1.0 pounds, making it easier to be carried around all day. It has a strong Wi-Fi reception and catches the signals even from afar.

It supports Apple’s smart keyboard and the Apple pencil. This makes it easy to take notes and draw quick doodles on your Apple iPad Air. It has a regular 8MP rear camera but an exceptionally good 7MP front camera. This ensures that your selfies turn out just perfect!

Try out this gadget for taking notes and jotting down ideas, and you will enjoy the experience. It has successfully filled the gap between Apple iPad and Apple iPad Pro. In Apple iPad Air, there is indeed nothing to dislike.

The downside

However, one problem that potential buyers might face is that of budget constraints. Apple iPad Air 3rd generation is a little on the high-price end, but every penny is worth it.

iPad Air 3rd Generation Specs and Features Video

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