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BTS in Military: The Reaction of ARMY

BTS in army
The world has been turned upside down! A decision has been made. The biggest Korean boy group in history is finally enlisting. On Monday, October 17, BTS’s music company, BigHit announced that the time is here for the members to…

Top Youth Skills In Demand In Post-COVID World

top youth skills in demand
Affected by COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and slow-downs, global unemployment figures have surpassed those from the financial crisis of 2008-9. As the world recovers, there are the top youth skills in demand which youth should possess for precipitous income generation. Currently,…

International Day of Yoga | 10 Yoga Facts

10 yoga facts
21st June is a day marked as a tribute to yoga by the United Nations. It is celebrated as the International day of yoga. In ancient times the yogis felt that body’s posture had a strong effect on a person’s…