Thappad Movie Review | 10 Reasons to Watch Thappad

Thappad Movie Review
Thappad Movie Review

Thappad is a 2020 drama Bollywood movie that has caused quite a stir, and I would give Thappad movie review 4 stars. 

If you are also baffled by the controversy caused by this movie, then let us give you 10 reasons to watch it.

#1 Novel topic

The audience of Bollywood movies are accustomed to seeing female characters being overpowered by their male counterparts. Rightly so, this is the ground reality. However, seldom do we see a married woman fighting for her fundamental rights, like respect and love. The fresh concept has made it a lively movie. The changing landscape of Bollywood needs fresh narratives to highlight social topics like this.

#2 Superb acting 

Whether you liked the topic of the movie or you think this is mere feminist non-sense, either way, you have to appreciate the superb acting of the lead character, Taapsee Pannu. She is quite careful in her choice of characters and has been playing a diverse set of roles. Similarly, this movie is not an exception.

#3 Evolving characters

Movies, where characters do not evolve, appear quite stale. Thappad movie review earned 4 stars because the characters revealed their varying perspectives as the movie proceeded. Taapsee Pannu’s story moved from an ordinary housewife to someone who is ready to fight till the end. Similarly, most of the people in the lead cast have acted brilliantly to cast the right impression of their changing character.

#4 An eye-opener for society 

The motive behind this movie was to give a wake-up call to our society. It aims to tell people (males and females) to value their self-respect and happiness. Instead of tainting its message as a feminist rant, everyone should focus on getting the good message in the film.

#5 Apt dialogues 

The filmmakers have paid attention to the wording of the dialogues to deliver the right effect. They are effortlessly beautiful and fit very well with each scene.

#6 The true shade of women empowerment 

In the wake of feminist movements and Me Too incidents, Thappad offers the true shade of women empowerment. It shows that women (in any relationship) should ignore many mundane things along the way, but never tolerate physical abuse. They should set a limit and abide by it without succumbing to societal pressure.

#7 Basis of a successful relationship 

Many netizens are claiming that this movie is encouraging young girls to seek divorce on “petty issues”. First off, physical abuse (whether sporadic or frequent) is not a petty issue. Secondly, I think it teaches society the basis of a successful relationship.

If a woman is willingly putting up with all injustices, she at least deserves some empathy. If she is giving away her future, career, and desires for a relationship, she should get respect and love in that relationship.

#8 Connecting various narratives 

The movie is not just presented from the point of view of a single character. Instead, it takes into account females from various walks of life who face similar situations and deal with it in their own way.

Additionally, the male characters of the movie were also phenomenal in presenting their characters’ viewpoints and circumstances.

#9 Created quite a stir

Many viewers are posting Thappad movie review, saying that the character of Taapsee Pannu was quite arrogant to the extent of being stubborn. True, most homemakers in Indian society do not possess such personality attributes! However, the purpose of the movie was to show that if they do take a stand, they will find support too.

#10 Brilliant direction

Thappad is being called Anibhav Subha’s finest work to date. He has come a long way from naive filmmaker, and with this movie, he has been able to show his potential.

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