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I would give Note 10 Review 5 stars for being a perfect mobile phone for everyone. Having used a lot of phones (because I am fond of changing phones), I have never used a phone like this before.

Samsung Note series is the best one for Android users. Note 10 is an amazing machine that has taken high-performance smartphones to the next level.

Note 10 Review
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Why Note 10 Review Got 5 Stars?

Here are some top reasons why I like this phone so much:

Excellent Charging Speed

I always had an issue with the phone’s battery. All the gaming fan will know that playing video games like PUBG consumes a lot of battery. Also, I don’t like phones that take a long time to get charged. 

Note 10 eliminated this problem and I am really happy to see this. This phone gets charged in half an hour. Oh My God, you guys can’t imagine how happy I was when I saw that my phone got charged in half an hour.

It has a 4300mah battery, so once fully charged, I can use it all day comfortably without worrying about the battery.

Amazing Charging Speed
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Top-notch Display

So the next thing is the display; that was really important for me because I wanted a huge display in my pocket. Note 10 impressed me with its display as well. It has a 6.3-inch display and the Full HD resolution is fabulous.

High-quality Display
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Superb Camera 

Now I would like to tell you about the camera, which I really need because my hobby is traveling. Earlier I used to get mad when my DSLR battery ended, during travel or when I was recording video or photos. So I always tried to find devices that can help me with travelling, because I am done with heavy equipment like DSLR and other MP4 devices.

Note 10 certainly helped me in this regard too as now I don’t use DSLR. Note 10 has a shocking camera results; it has 3 lenses on the back to capture your perfect image and video. With a camera having a 12Mp sensor and 1.4µm pixels, I couldn’t ask for more.

Samsung Note 10
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Astonishing Front Camera

Let me tell you about the front cam, that is certainly a basic need for youngsters, even more important than nutrients and protein. This phone boasts a 10-megapixel camera on the front for selfies. Another good news for selfie addicts is that it has auto-focus feature, so we can all capture flawless front camera selfies and put them on Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else.

Note 10 Review Video

Also, there are many other amazing things about this phone too, so watch this video review:

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