Quarantine Time: The Time We Have Been Looking For!

Quarantine Time
Quarantine Time

Quarantine time is the time we have been waiting for. The entire world has been quarantined within days and we are all bound to remain inside our homes and take care of social distancing protocols. Yes the situation is alarming and we all hope for it to end soon, but while schools, universities, offices and everything is locked down, we all get plenty of time every day.

Instead of getting bored, lazying around and complaining about the situation, there are literally a hundred and one things that we can do to utilize this time constructively. We all have a long list of tasks that remain pending because of the world famous excuse that WE DON’T HAVE TIME. Qurantine time is the time that we have been complaining about not having enough. Identify what you can do best to make the most of this time. Here we have a few ideas to trigger that thought process for you.

Spend time with your family

Yes this is most important. We are all always so caught up in our daily routines that we are hardly free enough to spend some quality time with our families. This is particularly important if you have kids in your home or someone elderly like your grandparents, because those are the age brackets that need more time from their family members. Spend time with your grandparents, hear their stories from their times, do their chores or whatever it is that you can do for them to cheer them up.

Similarly, kids can be entertained at home now that you have finally got a break from your hectic routines. Play with them, do some art activities, encourage in-door games, create fun learning activities. We all have Google, YouTube and Pinterest. Search for the ideas on how to entertain kids at home. Spot the ones that your kids will enjoy.

Detailed cleaning

Let us just agree that we do not do the detailed cleaning in routine. Nobody can. I mean, who reaches under the furniture or behind the refrigerator or top of the cupboards on daily basis? Of course no one. But these things needs to be done every once in a while. So this is the time for all such time-taking chores.

Organizing your stuff

De-clutter the drawers, setup your wardrobes, organize your makeup or clean up your bookshelves- there will be a million things that need to be organized in your homes for sure. Throw away what has not been used since long and keep only the essentials.

Iron your clothes

As soon as this quarantine is over, we are all going to be super busy. Get your clothes ready for that hassle. Iron them and hang them. You can even do that for others in your family too. I mean why not treat someone the way we would want to be treated.

Read books

Reading books is definitely the best leisurely activity ever. Try to read as many books as you can in this time and make others read too. You can even spend your time creatively by writing book reviews and sharing the bits and pieces of it on your social media as well. You never know, this might motivate others to read as well.

Learn a new skill

Learning new skill definitely needs a lot of time and attention, so there can be no better time than this to do that. There are many things that you can learn to utilize your time well like cooking, baking, stitching, painting, makeup or whatever that you would like to do. Harvard has also released its list of online courses that are very in-demand these days.

Try new recipes

Since all recreational activities have come to a halt, the only way to keep ourselves and others around us entertained seems to be good food. Try out some yummy recipes to get the restaurant kind of taste at home. Being a little extra is all you can do to kill your time better than not doing anything at all.

Catch up with old friends

Thank God, social distancing does not include technology and remote communication. Since you have got plenty of time now, you finally seem to have time to catch up with your old friends. Video call, chats, written texts anything would be good as long as you get in touch with them to find out how they are doing.

Do what you love doing

We all have a hobby or passion, but sadly that passion or hobby is left far behind once we cross our teenage. That is because the real life challenges take over. University, projects, assignments, job hunt, competition, professional politics, marital life- there is just so much to deal with that we do not get any time for our hobbies after the teens. But if this quarantine has left you with a little extra time from all of these hassles, you can always get back to treat yourself with what you always loved doing, be it makeup, crafting, reading, baking, painting or anything that brings you inner peace and happiness.

Do some social work

Lastly, and most importantly, spend some quality time in social work and see the kind of peace it can bring. The daily wager class is suffering from this quarantine and there are many people who may not even know from where they are going to feed their families the next day. Take some time out, collect funds or do whatever you can in your own personal capacity and help someone. As the famous saying foes, “No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” So start today! 

Other than this, you can also register yourself in any online courses or webinars, or preferably do whatever it requires for your personal and professional growth- write a research paper, invest in your professional grooming, read literature relevant to your field. With these handful of ideas, you do not have a reason anymore to be a couch potato all day watching Netflix.

Make the best of Quarantine time

Get busy in something constructive and make sure you are a better version of what you were once this quarantine is over.

Quarantine Time Ideas

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