Mothers Day 2020: What Do Mothers Need?

Mother's Day 2020
Mother’s Day 2020

Mothers Day 2020 is unlike any other Mother’s Day. Mothers are confined at home with their kids and finding endless ways of how to entertain kids at home. During these unprecedented times, the responsibilities of mothers have increased manifold: more laundry to fold, more food to cook, more dishes to wash, and increased responsibility for everything.

What can we do for them on Mothers Day 2020?

Sometimes words can’t do justice to what we really feel for our mother. Right now I am feeling a lump in my throat while writing this; my eyes are blurry with salty water. I am so out of words yet I want to write my heart out on what a mother means to me. Not only my mother but all mothers are ‘super heroes’. I truly feel at home when I am with her, a feeling of peace I get in that lap, I can’t feel that anywhere else in the world.

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” –Maya Angelou

I am so blessed to have a person in front of whom I can rant about everything and anything. Of course, she is the person who can see through my smile that how much pains my heart is going through. Indeed, she is the person who can surpass any obstacle to solve my problems. Certainly, she is the one I can always count on.

An Open Letter for All Mothers

Even when I know these words are so unworthy and can’t do justice with the majestic personality of a Mother. Here is a short open letter on Mothers Day 2020 to each and every warrior mom in this world.

Dear mom,

I know when you cry at night and smile in front of us the next morning. I know when you don’t eat that last slice of cake to give that to us. I know when you don’t buy new clothes for yourself, to save enough for our clothes. I know how many amazing opportunities you skipped in life because of us. I know when you need that new washing machine, but you saved money for our toys instead. I know when you haven’t slept all night, but still woke up early the next morning to get us ready for school. I know sometimes you get fed up, you need a break, but you continue anyway for your family. Mom, there are countless and countless sacrifices that you made for us, but never told us.

One day when the pages of the book of my life end, I know that you will be the most beautiful chapter. You are our savior, protector, and everything. For all the things I have ever embraced, the best is certainly you.

I love you mom,

Your child

You may not be the best child your mother can ask for, but at least on Mothers Day 2020, tell her how you feel about her.

Make every day a Mothers Day!


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