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Ever heard of Mascara Primers? Honestly, I had no idea there is a thing like that until I found this miraculous product in my Lancome Kit. And, here I am writing this Lancome Mascara Primer review for you.

Lancome is a USA based high-end makeup brand that is known for its products with distinguished quality. This high-end brand is a part of the very famous L’Oreal Luxe Portfolio. For over 80 years now, Lancome has been making women all over the world feel beautiful and happy.

Lancome Mascara Primer review

Lancome Mascara Primer review
Lancome Mascara Primer review

I personally liked Lancome’s skincare products more than the makeup ones, until I got my hands on this Mascara Primer. Yes, this is the mascara primer that you are supposed to apply on your lashes before your mascara for an increased voluminous, dramatic look. It wonderfully makes your lashes look longer and denser and really does create a difference in wearing your mascara with and without it.

This mascara primer is literally the goal. It literally is all your lash dreams coming true. It glides on to your lashes like butter, creating smooth layers with each coating, adding volume with every layer of it.

Why I love it?

The creamy formula creates an additional layer for a thicker look, and the white color of it also enables the color of your mascara to pop up even better. This is a wonderful product for the people who want to avoid falsies. Of course, you cannot wear falsies all the time, and why bother going through the complex process of applying them when you have this beauty.

What’s inside it?

It is known not only to give length and volume to your lashes but conditions them to grow naturally as well. The ingredients like Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and micro-fibers actively play their role in increasing the length of your natural lashes as well.

This means that you are not causing harm to your lashes like the other drugstore mascara products, rather doing a favor to your lashes each time you apply this product.

Use it anytime you like

It also saves your lashes from any kind of potential harm that mascara can cause to your lashes by creating a protective film between your lashes and the mascara, which is great, isn’t it? And guess what, you can also wear it overnight as a lash mask to let the ingredients seep in and do the magic. So basically, it is both for your care regime and for your high glam make-overs.


The packaging gives the true high-end feel. The high-quality white lean container with golden tip and the name written in small font on the cap gives a minimalistic yet classy look to the product, giving it a luxurious touch. This is a true 10 on 10 kind of packaging.

How to Use

This mascara primer is to be applied at least 10 to 15 minutes before you apply your mascara on to it. The idea is basically to let the primer dry first before you go on adding the layer of mascara. What I personally do is to apply it right after I apply my face primer. So, it gets the time to get dried while I do the rest of the makeup and then apply the mascara at the end.

The Downside

Although this product is so, SO good that I do not really see any downside to it, but the only problem that some may feel is the price and availability. Since Lancome is a high-end brand, the price is a little too much for most of the potential makeup lovers. Also, it is not very easily available in most of the countries. The only rescue is then to order it online from Lancome’s official e-store.

All in all, it is a great product, and I absolutely love it. In case you are still wondering after reading this Lancome Mascara Primer review, that whether you should splurge on it or not? Totally!

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