Kindle Oasis Review: The Best Reading Tablet You Can Ever Get

Kindle Oasis Review

When you ask someone ‘what to do when you can’t sleep and are bored’, most people will answer either of the two things: spend time surfing (internet or TV) or reading books. Deep down, everyone knows that the latter option is way better. That is why we have brought you this Kindle Oasis Review.

Among avid readers, e-books are increasingly reaching the top of the list in fun things to do at 4am. More and more people are starting to choose digital e-reading services instead of the old fashioned paperbacks, as you need to turn on a bedside lamp to read the latter. Why not get yourself a reading tablet?

The electronic reading tablets are quite efficient and can last long hours with a single charging. Once you buy an electronic reading tablet, you will lose track of time and stay hooked on your device, reading your favorite books. Indeed, one of the best tablets for reading that you can find is the Kindle Oasis.

What makes Kindle Oasis an ideal choice?

One of the best high-quality electronic reading tablets that are available on the market is the Kindle Oasis. The Kindle Oasis is the latest e-reader from Amazon’s line of reading tablets called the Amazon Kindles.

It costs $250, and although this may seem too pricey for a reading tablet, the product is unarguably of very high quality. It first hit the market in 2016 and has created a stir amongst the reading fans.

The body of the 2019 model of the luxury Kindle Oasis is made out of aluminum, and one side of the back is wedge-shaped. The edges of the device are not very sharp as they are slightly rounded.

Cool features for reading

  • Did you know that for easy reading, it can be flipped for right-handed and left-handed readers?
  • The new shape is meant to pull all the device’s weight on the palm of your hand
  • Now you can comfortably read with one-hand reading and also enjoy your favorite posture or multitask
  • Not only that, it also has two separate buttons for easily turning pages – forward and backward
  • Readers can easily adjust the color tone of the light from cool to warm
  • Anti-glare screen for easy nighttime reading
  • Also, it is completely waterproof

The weight of the new (2019) model has been reduced by 6 grams, as compared to its previous model.

Why are all Kindle Oasis reviews positive?

Wondering why everyone has good things to say about it? Here are the upgrades in the 2019 version that are making everyone fall for it:

  1. Has a high resolution
  2. Seven inches screen for better display
  3. Battery life that lasts longer
  4. Has additional LED lights to improve the front screen light

The best feature that can be found in the Kindle Oasis is the new lighting feature. The adjustable color tones range from bright white to warm yellow, which almost mimics the tone of actual paperback pages.

The light can be adjusted manually, or you can set it to change gradually to a warmer tone as the sun sets and back to a brighter one at sunrise. Set it to auto settings because we totally forget such things when engrossed in our favorite book.

Cool specs

Still unsure if it is the best tablets for reading on the market right now? Here are some of its notable specifications that will definitely change your mind:

RAM Normal use
Storage 8GB
Stylus No
Display 7″ display
Camera No
Operating System Linux Based
Battery life Up to 6 Weeks
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Weight 0.41 lbs

The Kindle Oasis also comes with quite a lot of storage space so that readers can easily save their e-books offline. You can also connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers when using Audible to listen to audiobooks on the device.

All of the new and improved features in the new Kindle model contribute to the ultimate e-reading experience. If you are going to buy an electronic reading tablet, here is a list of some of the best tablets for reading that are available on the market. This article contains helpful information on what to look for in a reading tablet. It features a list of 11 reading tablets with their specifications and pros and cons.

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