International Day of Yoga | 10 Yoga Facts

21st June is a day marked as a tribute to yoga by the United Nations. It is celebrated as the International day of yoga. In ancient times the yogis felt that body’s posture had a strong effect on a person’s state of mind. Also, they had this belief that tiny channels called Nadi carried a force called Prana, which transformed their body and mind.

10 yoga facts
10 yoga facts

Additionally, they believed the mind and body not as separate, but as a single entity. So, if the body was in a state of balance, the mind would follow along. The mind and body are certainly one. Indeed, yoga enables us to rebuild our posture, get our physical presence aligned with our mental presence, marking an act that starts from our core, and revives our soul.

10 Yoga Facts

On the international day of yoga 2020, we would like to tell you 10 yoga facts that can change your overall health substantially. Following are ten facts about yoga that everyone should know:

  1. Yoga is an ancient technique as it is 5000 years old.
  2. Sitting in a straight posture helps you to remember positive memories, and thus uplifts your mood.
  3. Yoga was initially used as a form of healing. Indeed, it helps reduce negative thoughts and lowers anxiety.
  4. It is now considered a sport as well. Also, it is also being used as a means to reduce weight and gain height and better posture.
  5. Yoga has been used as a process to slow aging and also as a means to control diabetes and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  6. Also, it is considered protective against Alzheimer’s disease as it improves the cognitive functioning of the brain.
  7. Yoga not only boosts your ego but also helps improve your sleeping patterns.
  8. Through research, yoga has been proven to lower depression, anxiety, and boost the immune system.
  9. Yoga can improve not just your physical and sexual health, but also your spiritual and mental well-being.
  10. Yoga is practised worldwide, with Hatha and Vinyasa as the most practised styles.

International Day of Yoga – 10 facts video

Start reaping the benefits of this amazing practise after reading these facts. Begin your daily dose of yoga from the International day of yoga.

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