Ten Unknown Fun Facts About TV | 10 Television Facts

21 November is considered as the World Television Day by the United Nations. It is the perfect time to learn fun facts about TV. On this day, try to understand the role television plays in our daily lives. It presents the different issues of the world and the latest news. It is also a source of entertainment for many.

With the development of television media, many people seem to have forgotten some things about its history and evolution.

Facts about TV

Here are ten fun facts about TV:

  1. The inventor of TV, Philo Farnsworth, would not let even his own children watch it. He once said to them: “There’s nothing on it worthwhile, and we’re not going to watch it in this household, and I don’t want it in your intellectual diet.”
  • The world’s most expensive airtime cost about 2.7 million dollars. It was just a 30-second advertisement played during the Super Bowl broadcast.
  •  When Britain declared war on Germany, the BBC broadcast stopped during Mickey Mouse. When the war ended, the BBC came back in 1946 and started their show where they left off.
  • Sony went wild with their pocket-sized television in 1982. The Sony Watchman FD-210 had a small display of 5 cm.
  • The world’s largest TV measures 292 inches with 8K video resolution. It is one of Samsung’s greatest inventions and is named The Wall Luxury.
  • The world’s most expensive TV is the Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition. It costs about 2.26 million dollars and is covered with rose gold and some other precious stones.
  • The first country to start experimenting with televisions was Japan. Television services for the community started on August 28, 1953.
  • The first colored TV was sold for $1,295 in 1954. Mass production of RCA Victor color sets took place after a week and was sold for a thousand dollars.
  • The only country in the world without television services if Tuvalu. There are no broadcasting stations and no terrestrial waves.
  • China has approximately 400,000,000 television sets. This makes them the country with the greatest number of TV sets.

Facts about TV video

We hope that you enjoyed learning these fun facts about TV.

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