Earth Day 2020 | The Earth Needs Us

Earth Day 2020 was celebrated on April 22, like the previous 50 years. This year was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The aim to celebrate this day is to provide awareness and appreciation for Earth’s environment. On Earth Day, we should appreciate little blessings like the lovely fragrance of fresh air and the nature.

What is the History of Earth Day?

Earth Day was a combined response to an environment in the moment of crisis such as smog, oil spills, and waterways that are becoming increasingly polluted and catching fire.

The first Earth Day started back in 1970, and it is founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson. It aimed at creating awareness about the human role in protecting our natural world, promoting ecology, and respecting life on the planet. Additionally, it aimed to increase awareness among humans for the growing concerns such as pollution caused in not only air but also water and soil.

What do people do on Earth Day?

On Earth day, people usually celebrate with outside endeavors. For instance, planting trees, picking up roadside trash, using recyclable containers for snacks, and also conducting various programs for recycling and conservation.

The programs on television also aim to increase awareness about environmental issues. Also people are encouraged to sign petitions to stop global warming and to reverse environmental destruction. This Earth Day was different as more than 1/3rd of Earth’s inhabitants are in lockdown; so, most of the activities were surrounding social media. Likewise, National Geographic started its #natgeoearthdayathome challenge to ask kids to create a safari at home.

How Earth is impacted by Covid19 pandemic?

COVID-19 and quarantine are all everyone can talk about these days. As this virus has affected a major percentage of the population, so inevitably, people have changed their everyday behaviors and patterns. Due to this pandemic, here are the subtle effects on Earth:

  • A decrease in air pollution

During quarantine time, transportation has decreased considerably. The exponentially increasing traffic is a significant cause of air pollution. Most people have no option but to entertain kids at home and stay home themselves; public transportation has shut down too. In this way, air pollution has decreased and this is a positive impact on Earth.

  • A decrease in Carbon Dioxide Emission

Due to the lockdown, coal and oil industrial excavation have stopped; this has led to a decrease in carbon dioxide emission. In other words, this decrease in carbon dioxide emissions will reduce pollution and have a positive impact on the Earth.

  • Soundscapes are changed

Many of the people stay home and also due to the lockdown of transport, there is significantly less noise from cars, buses and other transportation. With decrease in noise pollution, the chirping of birds and nature’s sounds are becoming a solace for people at home. There is peacefulness everywhere because of natural soundscapes.

The theme for Earth Day 2020

Climate action is the theme for Earth Day 2020. Climate action is one of the enormous challenges. The climate change is indeed one of the biggest challenges of our times and for future generations. Today, we are facing pollution problems such as noise, water, and air pollution. To make our Earth habitable for the coming generations, climate action is necessary.

How can we contribute?

The Earth needs you to protect it against the damage caused by our actions. Here are a few ways through which we can contribute:

  • Plant wildflowers
  • Start an organic vegetable garden
  • Conserve water
  • Clean up the community and natural reserves
  • Reduce the amount of junk, recycle and garbage we produce by recycling and reusing things
  • Cut your plastic consumption
  • Plant more trees and gardens

Together, with collective efforts, we can make our Earth a great place to live.

Earth Day 2020 | How We Can Contribute?

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