Top Five Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday | Best Christmas Movies

Wondering what to watch with your kids this holiday season? Here are some amazing Christmas movies which are sure to be a perfect family treat.

Top Christmas Movies
Top Christmas Movies

1.  Home Alone

Home Alone is one of the most renowned Christmas movies of all time. It has been a great hit among people of all ages ever since its release.

After being left alone, Kevin learns a lot of things. The most important one is that he loves his family no matter what happens. The movie shows the young boy taking matters into his own hands and trying to protect his house from the effortlessly hilarious burglars.

A great deal of family fun mixed in with chaotic, goofy moments that make you laugh till your stomach hurts.

2.  The Princess Switch

Who doesn’t want to watch Vanessa Hudgens and this movie has two of her. It is full of holiday vibes and comedy. Perfect for teenagers and fans of rom-com.

It is a genuine and refreshing love story without any kind of adult scenes and that makes it perfect. Although the plot is pretty predictable still, the movie turned out to be exciting and fun to watch.

The only kind of bad thing about it was the ending. It was just plain boring. The plot would have been interesting to resolve, but the writers just lazily wrapped it up.

3.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch has always been a favorite character when it comes to the holiday season. The Grinch decides to ruin everyone’s Christmas when he comes to town. But he finds a hitch in his plan when he meets the lovely little Cindy Lou.

Despite getting hate over the years, it should be noted that Jim Carrey plays the role of the Grinch really well and makes the movie even more wonderful.  In terms of PG rating, the only thing is the crude humour.

When it comes to comparing, the original version is way better than the animated one (2018). But if you are looking for a movie for children, then you should go for the animated version. The CGI effects and the colorful set make the movie more attractive for kids and there is no flaw whatsoever from a child’s point of view.

4.  Elf

A heartwarming comedy movie that is sure to lift your spirits during the holiday season. Will Ferrel did a great job playing the role of a child-like elf who finds out he is human. After that, he sets out for New York to find his biological father.

The best part about it is the beautiful ending it has (no spoilers). Although it has a bit of adult humour but you can still watch it with kids. Unlike other movies, it stands out because of its humour and the Christmas cheer it has.

5.  The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The Nutcracker and The Four Realms is a magical Christmas movie full of surprises and wonders. From the cast to the set and directing, everything looked amazing.

Although it is not totally animated, it is still a movie for kids as adults might get bored of the plot. The story is a simple one of good versus evil and isn’t too complicated as its main audience is children.

From what I have seen, this movie got a lot of hate. People thought the story was too boring and plain. But in my opinion, it was a really beautiful fairy tale and Mackenzie Foy’s acting brings Clara’s character to life.

Hope you enjoy these Christmas movies with your loved ones.

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