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Interesting Tea Facts on International Tea Day

Interesting Tea Facts
The UN has designated 21 May as International Tea Day. So, let us celebrate this day with some interesting tea facts. Tea is the most consumed drink on the globe, after water. It is a fact that in many developing…

12 Interesting Bee Facts on World Bee Day 2020

World Bee Day 2020
20th May is the UN’s World Bee Day. On this day, we bring you some interesting bee facts that will increase your knowledge. It is the fact that the fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystem is pollination. Bees…

Earth Day 2020 | The Earth Needs Us

Earth Day 2020
Earth Day 2020 was celebrated on April 22, like the previous 50 years. This year was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The aim to celebrate this day is to provide awareness and appreciation for Earth’s environment. On Earth Day,…

Why Customer Reviews Are Critical For Small Business?

Customer reviews are the backbone of a small business. Customer loyalty, simply defined, is the tendency of existing customers, coming back to the same product or service providers. Regardless of the competition, environmental or economic factors, when a customer chose…

7 Essentials to Include in a Movie Review

Essentials of a movie review
We all love to watch movies! Oh no, correction please: we all love to watch good movies. If you hear about a good movie, you would read a movie review, and watch trailers while marking every attraction you would want…