Atomic Habits Book Review

It is often about the right timing, I agree, change comes when it has to but if you have been struggling to improve in life, Atomic Habits could possibly (highly) be that one thing that will finally bring that change.

I was recommended Atomic Habits by a close friend and I am so glad that I took the recommendation. This book compelled me to write this review as it would have been unfair with this lovely read if I hadn’t (yes, it’s THAT good).

The Science Behind Habits

We all struggle with habits. It is hard to develop new habits, and it is even harder to leave older ones, even the ones that have been bothering us for a long time. So, even if we are aware that a certain habit is not good for us, it still isn’t easy to leave it; ever wondered why?

Everything we do and the way we do it has a science behind it; it is important to understand that science so we can take better charge of our lives. In this book, the author has written every little thing about what, why and hows of habits. It discusses these areas:

  • what habits are
  • how they work
  • why we find it difficult to develop or to quit a habit

James Charles has covered every detail. From personal struggles to procrastination and even your external environment, he talks about everything that can come between you and your progress while dealing with habits.

Why Habits Are So Important?

Now that I have talked about the book, let me also talk about why it is so important to read about habits. The most important thing that I realized while reading this book is that most of the life we are living is based on our habits. So the better our habits, the better our lives will be.

It is like learning the skill before attempting to make a product; hence, whatever we are trying to deal with in life, it is important to understand how it works, and even more, if it is related to our minds. The better we understand our minds, the better we use them to create better lives.


In conclusion, habits are a difficult thing to have control over. But all you need are some signs, a little bit of motivation, satisfactory results, and obviously a reward to change your habits.

Most things happening in our life depends on what goes on in our heads, not what is around us. So, the first and best thing is to listen to your head and heart and make some changes. Happy reading – hope you enjoy Atomic Habits.

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