How Would Life Be In The Absence Of Digital Technology?

Absence of digital technology
Absence of digital technology

Digital Technology has penetrated all aspects of our life. Anyone who can afford technology does not do anything without it. 

We are Addicted to Digital Technology 

Ever since the automobiles have become prevalent, no one goes anywhere on the bicycles anymore. Anyone who can find the meaning of something on the internet does not go through the pain of picking up a dictionary and finding a meaning. No one looks for ideas on how to entertain kids at home, because all kids are fond of watching cartoons.

Getting Public Opinion On This Topic

We are living in unprecedented times in recent history. During quarantine time, almost everyone is confined within their homes. So, what if someday we lost all kinds of digital technology? How would life be like? Just give a thought.

I asked some people to comment on what are their thoughts on these questions:

  1. How would your life be impacted by the absence of digital technology?
  2. What would you do in your spare time?
  3. What would you miss the most?

Varied Responses

Some people said that their life would turn totally upside down if they don’t have access to technology. However, others said that they would be least bothered. Yet others remarked that the world would be a better place without technology.

Take A Moment To Ponder

No matter which end of the spectrum your opinion is, take a moment to ponder. Think about the technological wonders that are worth your time. 

We all find time for things that we consider essential. Take a moment to ponder over your priorities in life. We don’t need to get hooked onto every that technology has to offer; instead, we can utilize that time to do the things that really matter in the long run.

Video Compilation

Enjoy the video here:

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